May 6-8, 2025
Vancouver Convention Centre | Vancouver, Canada
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The Canada Gas and Exhibition & Conference will position Canada as an LNG export ready energy provider while accelerating our path to net zero, fostering international and domestic economic security, and empowering indigenous communities.


2024 Governing Body


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“People should attend to get a better understanding of the market and the players, understand LNG at a deeper level and make good contacts and potential friendships. It's an excellent opportunity to collaborate, learn, ask questions, and pose ideas. And to me, Canadians should be as familiar and comfortable with LNG as hockey, poutine, and butter tarts. And I think this is one way that we can do that.”
Andy Brooks

President & CEO

Waiward Industrial

Jackson Hegland (1)
“The Canada Gas conference is just another great opportunity for folks in this space to understand where best practice is at and really get a good view of how organizations are tackling the challenges. Of course, you know, I think most people would agree that one of the greatest benefits is the networking and having that chance to get back together. Certainly, it's been a much less prevalent component of our annual business profile to be in person but now, we're really back in a position to have that opportunity to network in person, reconnect with folks and take advantage of the opportunity that's presented to be together and really try to move whatever file is most important to you in the development of Canadian gas and LNG. Continue to push the envelope on it, continue to move forward with each other, and collectively toe the same line to ensure that we are accessing markets and continuing to responsibly develop this resource here in Canada.”
Jackson Hegland

Executive Director

Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance

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"It will help to increase the awareness that Canada has the resources and the pathway to support the world's energy transition in a way that benefits our citizens, creates value for Canadians, minimizes impact on our natural environment, and supports our trading partners around the world. We all breathe the same air and it's the whole world that's trying to decrease carbon emissions. So, our ability to contribute to that is important and the Canada Gas exhibition and conference is a great opportunity to discuss many of those things.”
Christine Kennedy


Woodfibre LNG

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