May 6-8, 2025
Vancouver Convention Centre | Vancouver, Canada

500+ Conference Delegates

85+ Industry Expert Speakers

85 Strategic & Technical Sessions

3 Days of Premier Networking


As energy producing countries take steps to lower their emissions, Canadian natural gas and low carbon LNG will begin to be exported in 2025 to countries with high energy demands and emission reduction targets. Global demand for LNG is expected to increase by nearly 70 percent in 2040, and Canada has a unique opportunity to be a low carbon LNG leader to help meet this demand. The Canadian gas ecosystem will need to discover new domestic economic opportunities while scaling up its LNG export capacity internationally to remain competitive in the global LNG economy.


Conference Pillars

Canada’s Opportunity

Canada has one of the world’s most abundant supplied of natural gas, the world’s most in demand fuel. As long as cheap Russian gas was available, there was less demand in Europe for LNG from North America, and the demand for North American gas from Asia remains high. Canada also has abundant and diverse feedstocks for hydrogen production, where demand is skyrocketing. The time is now for Canada to show leadership on the world’s stage and showcase its energy potential to the world.

Energy Transition and Sustainability

With growing global emphasis on sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the role of natural gas and hydrogen in Canada's energy transition is vital. It is imperative to continue the collaborative approach we’re taking on clean technologies, carbon capture and storage, methane emissions reduction, and the integration of natural gas into a low-carbon energy mix.

Authentic Project Partnerships

Cedar LNG is positioned to be the largest, First Nation majority-owned project in Canada. The floating LNG facility in Kitimat will have a liquefaction capacity of 400 million standard cubic feet per day and received approval from the BC Environmental Assessment Office. Capacity building still needs to be addressed and how we promote greater understanding and awareness between the energy industry and First Nations.

LNG and Hydrogen Market Integration

LNG and hydrogen can complement each other in Canada's energy mix. There is potential for using LNG as a feedstock for hydrogen production and the feasibility of integrating hydrogen into existing LNG infrastructure, and potential synergies with existing LNG storage and transportation systems.

Bunkering and Storage

With major industry players announcing plans for LNG bunkering and storage operations, bunkering is becoming a viable fuel storage option for the global shipping industry as an alternative to electrification. Locations such as the Port of Vancouver, the Port of Tacoma, and the Panama Canal, are becoming popular bunkering destinations and are expanding as the global shipping industry continues to evolve.

Marine Logistics

As the marine industry looks to achieve the emissions reductions targets set by The International Maritime Organization (IMO), hydrogen is emerging as a viable low-carbon fuel source. New technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum engineering are providing advanced data analytics to an evolving industry that is becoming more operationally efficient.


The strategic conference at CGLNG provides speakers and delegates with the opportunity to address the latest benefits and challenges of a rapidly developing and dynamic market; offering a high-level platform to enhance and refine the Canadian natural gas narrative. Featuring a three-day program, and more than 85 influential speakers from many of the world’s leading energy businesses, the conference plays host to 500 senior-level delegates every year

* Canada Gas & LNG Attendee Profile

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions will be interactive and engaging open discussions led by an industry expert as moderator, each session will cover a specific technically focused problem facing the sector and how to solve it.

Join Industry Speakers

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“Canada gas and LNG exhibition and conferences is a critical place for a variety of stakeholders to be whether you're an owner, a supplier, a contractor, labor relations at a union and such, everybody needs to be at this conference because it has tremendous subject matter content in the technical side of the conference and the strategic side of the conference. But also, in the exhibition floor, you have a chance to interact and network with your industry peers in a way that is really unparalleled in this market. Certainly there's other international conferences to go to but here in Canada, this is the place to be this spring.”
Paul De Jong


Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

Patricia Schouker (1)
“I think the Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference really creates an ecosystem of trust and partnership among leaders in this space. We bring together energy executives to share ideas and gain insights on the current issues on emerging challenges that will impact the energy industry in the coming years. The conference really offers a rich and candid exchange of use among industry leaders. Nearly all energy infrastructure from today forward will be digitally managed, optimizing for efficiency, and minimizing emissions and costs simultaneously. It is a really powerful combination that answers both business and climate needs. I think this conference really brings together the importance of public-private partnerships that can really help energy companies level up their range of policies and their range of future challenges, but also answer this critical question: How will evolving business models and new technologies shape the LNG and natural gas market of tomorrow, for Canada and for the world as well.”
Patricia Schouker

VP, Strategy & Partnerships


Gary Schubak (2)
“I've been attending the Canada Gas & LNG Conference for years...and I've always really enjoyed it. For me, it's a conference that brings all of the key stakeholders in the natural gas and LNG industry together and really provides a map of the industry. Where is the industry today? Where is it going? It's nice to have all of that under one roof. And so, I found this conference to be very informative and I really recommend it. The other thing that's really interesting and exciting about the conference is it brings new ideas to the table, new ideas on how we can decarbonize energy, natural gas and the delivery of chemical fuels to market and, you know, we feel our technologies right at the heart of that so we're really excited about participating again this year at the conference. The last thing I'll say is come to beautiful Vancouver! Vancouver in the spring is a beautiful place to be and I can't think of a nicer conference to attend than this one.”
Gary Schubak

VP, Business Development

Ekona Power

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