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7th Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference in Vancouver aims to unlock LNG potential

5,000 industry professionals, 80 expert speakers, 300 senior delegates and 200 exhibiting companies from ac...

Richard Mackintosh: B.C. LNG will help countries cut their emissions

Over the past few years, I have been watching the B.C. LNG industry from afar, as someone knowledgeable abo...

BC LNG touted as cleanest in the world

“Liquefied natural gas from B.C will have the least CO2 per tonne of any LNG produced in the world,” said B...

Canadian developers urged not to let LNG opportunity slip by

Canada's efforts at becoming a major global supplier of LNG couldn't come at a better time.

A successful first day in Vancouver - Highlights Day 1

The Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference opened yesterday in Vancouver, Canada to celebrate it's 7th ...

Insights & Innovation at CGLNG - Highlights Day 2

The Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Centre saw another busy day...

An unrivalled display of products and services launches - Highlights Day 3

This year we brought you the latest insights and innovations taking place in the Canadian Gas and LNG proje...