Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference

May 10-12, 2022
Vancouver Convention Centre

Rigstar Industrial Telecom

329 Booth Number

227 Exploration Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
T3S 0B6

Founded in 1998, Rigstar has been on an epic journey ever since. Our adventure began with the introduction of a wired Intercom system to the energy sector. With the success of the Intercom system our savvy owners recognized a need for cellular enhancement to remote locations. Their search took them to a Telecom show in Las Vegas where they encountered a carrier grade cellular enhancer. The reception was widely received once the boosters were introduced to the market. Since then our company has grown into a carrier that offers accelerated Internet connectivity, Fiber Optics, Tower Construction, Cellular Enhancement and Network Support.

Rigstar would like to thank our valued customers for joining us on this amazing journey and we look forward to introducing new and innovative solutions to the telecom sector.

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