Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference

May 10-12, 2022
Vancouver Convention Centre


131 Booth Number

6715 Theall
Houston, TX

Gas processing solutions. Streamlined.

Up to this point, implementing a gas plant project has been a precarious process, with long delivery times, uncertain performance and unexpected expenses.

All of that changes now. Introducing CryoSys – the right company with the right solutions to turn your valuable gas into even more valuable liquids. At CryoSys we looked at the many risks, delays, high costs and limitations inherent in trying to implement a gas plant solution, and we set out to solve all of them.

We have developed systems that combine advanced engineering with the highest quality fabrication, allowing us to design, build and execute high-performance gas processing solutions faster, more efficiently and more economically than has ever been possible.

A perfect storm of expertise and capability.

CryoSys brings together an unprecedented level of engineering, packaging and manufacturing experience. Our experts have produced innovative cryogenic solutions for more than 35 years. Add to that our state-of-the-art fabrication facility advantageously located in central Texas, situated on ten acres with 41,000 square feet of manufacturing excellence under crane. It is a potent combination that allows us to deliver like no other company can.

CryoSys specializes in building optimized compact modular LNG and NGL plants. This approach gives us immense flexibility and agility, and our customers reap the benefits. Optimized compact modular design means we can readily deliver fit-for-purpose solutions without the need and expense of complete customization. We are able to move faster, while still utilizing proven high-performance technology. The time span from project kickoff to full operation is reduced to mere months instead of the years a custom plant can take. In the end, you save on both capital and operational expenses, you conserve valuable plant space due to our small equipment footprint – and most importantly, you are able to put your gas stream to profitable use much sooner.

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