Wayne Prins

Executive Director

Wayne began working for CLAC in 2003 after joining CLAC as an equipment operator in 2001.  In 2004 Wayne moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta to open a new CLAC office to service the union’s rapidly growing presence in the region.  He would spend the next 12 years in Fort McMurray serving first as a Representative, then as the Fort McMurray Regional Director, and then as the Alberta Provincial Director.  In 2016 Wayne moved to Edmonton from Fort McMurray where he currently serves as CLAC’s Executive Director.  Wayne is passionate about advancing the rights and interests of workers within the context of vibrant, stable and healthy work places.  Wayne is also passionate about family, fishing and the outdoors.  He grew up on a farm in central Alberta.  Wayne completed a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies at The King’s University and an MBA from Queen’s University.